Frequently Asked Questions
Which time zone uses your site?

Our site uses time zone GMT (London, Great Britain).

What is investment company Len-invest LTD?

Len-invest LTD - an investment company based in the Great Britain that provides its clients with asset management services in the cryptocurrency market, IPO and trading.

Is your business legal?

Yes! We are licensed and registered company, and strictly follow the rules and conditions of United Kingdom.

How income from cryptocurrency brings income?

We are an investment company that relies on the mining and trading of cryptocurrencies and IPOs and this is how we get excellent income.

What kind of payment systems you accept?

We currently accept the list of EPS posted on the replenishment page of your personal account

Do you use complex percent of income calculation?

At the moment we are using simple income calculation.

How secure and reliable are my investments in your company?

Our site has several levels of encrypting and protection from hacking.

What is your income source?

Our income source is mining and trading of cryptocurrency, also participation in IPO. Read the section “About us” in order to get additional information about it.

Should I pay taxes from the income which I get?

We don’t oblige our investors with taxes. Payment of taxes from received income is voluntary decision of our investors.

How can I open an account?

It’s simple to open the account. You need to register and replenish the balance of your personal account.

Can I open the account for free?

Creating the account is completely free.

I forgot the password of my account. What should I do?

In case of that you forgot the password just click the button Forgot the password on the authorization page. Then write your e-mail address or user name, and link to reset the password will be send to your e-mail.

How many investment plans can I have at the same time?

You can have any quantity of investment plans at the same time. 

What is the minimum and maximum deposit limit?

Minimum deposit limit is 10 $ and maximum – 1.000.000$.

Can I increase my deposit?

Of course. You can increase your investments at the any time, and additional funds will be added to your deposit after confirmation of payment system.

How quickly are payments made?

All payments are made instantly.

Do you have a partnership program?

Yes, four-level partnership program. 5%-4%-3%-2%

How does the partnership program work and how much can I earn from it?

Everything is simple. Our 4-level partnership program pays 5% from the partners’ deposits of 1st level, 4% from partners’ deposit of 2nd level, 3% from partners’ deposit of 3rd level and 2% from partners’ deposit of 4th level.